Our house in the middle of the street.

11/2-11/7 Update and more

I know, I know we are terrible blog updaters... but we are very good at remodeling and that is exactly what Hubs, Wiff, & Dad Miller have been up to. Dad started coming up a couple weeks ago and working during the day while we have been at work. The amount of progress we're making is great!  Watch out Bob Vila, we're holding our own.  There is, however, no way we could finish on time with out ALL of the really hard work dad has put in. He even has his own air mattress bedroom set up.  Kristin brought over the orchid,  cleverly named Morchid Mindy, to make his room 'homier'. Double points for this arrangement also preventing our cat, Absinthe, from devouring said orchid.
We've been getting off work, only to head straight over and put in some more hours at the house. The transformation must look hilarious to the nosy, 'rascal' driving neighbor. We arrive looking orderly,  professional every evening. We leave around midnight in outfits consisting of mostly mismatched pajamas and holy jeans, Logan with so much dust in his already disheveled hair that he's beginning to resemble Sweeney Todd more and more every day. It is really starting to wear on our sanity, but the sleep deprivation is no match for our excitement as everything  starts to come together.  Get. Excited.

I could say that while Charles Darwin has not been the most productive member of the renovation team, he certainly is great moral support. minus the grout eating. ( Which may explain some questionable poo the next day.)

These photos are from the last week or so. It shows the bathroom with finished tile and the last of the sanding on the floors. We ripped the kitchen completely out, (good riddance!) and are going to make good on some lofty plans.

                                                 H U G E update to follow!

Logan and Kristin take on marriage, animals, and home remodeling.
Logan & Kristin Miller


The Alrikabi's said...
Monday, 16 November, 2009

Ummmm...wow. That bathroom looks amazing. I'm entirely impressed.

Frank said...
Friday, 20 November, 2009

Doc and Dee say "Hooray!" Fabulous job. Can't wait to come over and use your bathroom.

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